Hyperpigmentation can appear red/brown in color and is common on the cheeks and forehead.

Melasma is a type of hormone related skin condition that causes dark spots and is more common in females. Unfortunate, it can be a very hard condition to treat.

New Treatments that are a favorite in our clinic are:

  • PiQo4 Laser
  • Tranexamic Acid


  • Pigment removal laser.
  • Also used for tattoo removal.
  • Some cases may only require one treatment for pigmentation.
  • Little to no side effects and scarring.
  • Lentigo on the hands is a common condition that can be treated with PiQo4.

Tranexamic Acid: 

  • Common medication used to treat and remove pigmentation.
  • In our clinic we use oral or topical Tranexamic Acid.
  • New reports show Tranexamic Acid injections to treat Melasma in Asia. It is an easy treatment, showing little systemic absorption.
  • It is safe and used in trauma patients (blood loss).

I use a lot of topical treatment using Tranexamic Acid in our clinic. 

  • SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense Serum is a great product.
  • The in Key List Tranexamic Night Treatment is also a great product. They carry products containing up to 5% of Tranexamic Acid.


PiQo4 Laser combined with using Tranexamic Acid is the key to treat those dark spots which can be very resistant. In addition, sun protection is very important when it comes to preventing further skin damage and other conditions.

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