A HydraFacial® is a luxurious skin care treatment that bathes your skin in essential nutrients and anti-aging solutions. At ReNew360, Weimin Hu, MD, PhD, and her team of skilled aestheticians provide personalized HydraFacial treatments to restore your skin’s optimal health. Find out if a HydraFacial is right for you by scheduling a consultation at the Tucson, Arizona, office directly.

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What is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial® is an innovative skin care treatment designed to deliver clinical-grade products to your skin with a specialized handheld tool. This powerful instrument combines your personalized products with water and delivers them in rapid pulses.

Not only is your skin bathed in hydrating and cleansing solutions, but all impurities (including dead skin) are also whisked away at the same time. This invigorating treatment takes about 30 minutes, and every step is entirely personalized to your unique skin needs.

How can a HydraFacial help my skin?

Your HydraFacial service from ReNew360 includes three stages: cleansing and peeling, extracting and hydrating, and fusing and protecting.

A HydraFacial is beneficial whether you have dry, oily, or even acne-prone skin (or anything in between). Depending on your needs and desired outcome, your HydraFacial helps your skin by:

  • Treating acne
  • Resolving flakiness
  • Decreasing redness
  • Exfoliating dry and dead skin
  • Clearing out congested pores
  • Stimulating collagen production

The skin care specialists at ReNew360 can even add on a Brightalive Boost to minimize the appearance of skin discoloration or the in-demand Growth Factor Boost to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

With several other boosts to choose from, you can certainly achieve your skin goals with a HydraFacial.

When will I have results after a HydraFacial?

You won’t have any downtime after a HydraFacial. As soon as your revitalizing service is over, you’ll notice that your skin is glowing and more vibrant than ever before.

Because your fresh new layer of skin will probably be a little more sensitive to the sun after a HydraFacial, it’s important to apply sunscreen regularly.

Even though your HydraFacial benefits are long-lasting, your skin will continue to age and you’ll be exposed to pollution and irritating substances on a daily basis.

To help your skin continue to look its best and to stay one step ahead of the effects of aging, the skin care experts at ReNew360 often recommend monthly HydraFacial treatments.

Schedule your revitalizing HydraFacial at ReNew360 by calling the office today.

Individual results may vary.