On the last blog tip, we reviews ways to take better care of our hands, specifically how to prevent with the use of creams and how to avoid further damage. Now, the question is how can we treat damaged skin on our hands.

Here are four treatments that can help dark spots, loose skin, thinning skin, and other skin conditions.

Chemical Peel:

  • Popular for the face but can be used on the hands with a chemical suitable for the hands. Beneficial for:
    • Pigmentation disorders; Lentigines, Ephelides, Melasma
    • Inflammatory disorders; Acne, Rosacea
    • Scaring; Acne, traumatic, or surgical scarring
    • Chrono-aging; superficial and medium-depth wrinkles
    • Pre-Cancerous Lesions; Actinic keratoses


  • M22 IPL Laser
  • PiQo4
    • Beneficial for resistant pigment; Lentigo

Radio Frequency: 

  • eTwo
    • Micro-needling RF device combined with PRP
    • Helps build up collagen
    • Uses heat which goes deep into the skin and tightens loose skin (one treatment is usually needed).


  • Restylane
    • Helps replace the volume in hands
    • It is a dissolvable HA filler
    • Only approved filler for the hands, but others can be useful as well
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