As the top-requested treatment of its kind, wrinkle prevent injection continues to help men and women erase years off their faces and resolve a variety of medical ailments. Weimin Hu, MD, PhD, and the aesthetic experts at ReNew360 offer personalized wrinkle prevent injection treatment packages. Find out how wrinkle prevent injection can help you by booking a consultation at the Tucson, Arizona, office today.

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How does Wrinkle Prevention Injection work?

Wrinkle Prevention Injection, a type of neurotoxin injectable, contains purified ingredients that block certain signals between cells and your brain. These signals are what make muscles twitch and contract with each facial expression you make.

Since you’re prone to facial volume loss as you get older, those muscles work closer and closer to the surface of your skin.

This causes folds and grooves to develop each time your muscles contract. Wrinkle Prevention Injection temporarily forces your muscles to relax so your skin can smooth out.

Because wrinkle prevention injection is designed to be injected into very specific muscles, surrounding muscles continue to function as normal, so you can keep making your normal facial expressions. No need to worry about a “frozen” look.

What can Wrinkle Prevention Injection treat?

Wrinkle Prevention Injection treatment packages from ReNew360 are personalized to you and the severity of your lines and wrinkles. In general, wrinkle prevention injection is ideal for resolving:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead creases
  • Frown lines between your brows

Because wrinkle prevention injection blocks specific cell signaling, it is even used for treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), chronic migraines, tension headaches, and more. The practitioners at ReNew360 let you know about other issues wrinkle prevention injection can treat.

When will I have results with Wrinkle Prevention Injection?

Wrinkle Prevention Injection is fast acting. In most cases, it starts working immediately and provides dramatic results or improvements in your symptoms within about 48 hours.

While wrinkle prevention injection injections from ReNew360 don’t require any downtime, you may be a little red or swollen for a few hours afterward. Give yourself time to heal if you have an important event on the same day as your wrinkle prevention injection treatment.

How long does Wrinkle Prevention Injection last?

Wrinkle Prevention Injection is long lasting, but to continue experiencing the benefits of wrinkle prevention injection, you’re going to need ongoing treatments.

Depending on why you’re getting wrinkle prevention injection and the severity of your symptoms, treatments last anywhere from about three to six months. Once wrinkle prevention injection wears off, it’s perfectly safe to come back to ReNew360 for additional injections.

The expert practitioners at ReNew360 offer wrinkle prevention injection for a variety of treatments. Find out how wrinkle prevention injection can help you by calling the office to schedule a consultation.

Individual results may vary.